iQualify UK joins hands with NAHE – HEC in Pakistan for Online Teaching Capacity Development Programme


iQualify UK joins hands with NAHE – HEC in Pakistan for Online Teaching Capacity Development Programme

With the Covid19 pandemic shifting the bulk of teaching to the online platform, the teachers also faced the dilemma of coping up with the shift in the way they deliver classes to the students. Keeping in view these challenges in the present pandemic-struck scenario along with the post-pandemic teaching in a blended or online environment, NAHE joined hands with iQualify UK to support to the higher education sector for the online delivery of courses.

National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE) is the academic arm of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). Its vision is to establish itself as an apex learning institution that will institute and lead a broader national discourse around the purpose, perspectives and policy in Higher Education and help develop high quality human capital to achieve excellence in academic setting.

Since iQualify UK specialises in delivering recognised British qualifications through online and blended learning method, Ejaz Chowdary, Chief Technology Officer at iQualify UK and Sumbal Manzoor, Head of Studies at iQualify UK work with NAHE to develop a foundational level course for online teaching to facilitate the Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) in the enhancement of online teaching pedagogies, engagement in online learning environment, educational technology, and online evaluation strategies.

Ejaz Chowdary

Chief Technology Officer at iQualify UK

Sumbal Manzoor

Head of Studies at iQualify UK

This 20-hour online course offered over the course of one month has been delivered to faculty members from all over Pakistan over the duration of 5 hours per week for four weeks starting on the 20th March, 2021. The modules of this course include:

  • Module I: Enhancing Instructional Design with Educational Technology
  • Module II: Developing Material for Online Teaching
  • Module III: Student Engagement for Online Teaching
  • Module IV: Assessment for Online Teaching

In a live session, Rector NAHE, Professor Dr. Shaheen Sardar Ali gave the orientation about the course to the participants and also touched upon the importance of online teaching for the HEIs in Pakistan.

“Online teaching is a highly valuable skillset with its importance only growing due the unprecedented challenges posed by the lockdown due to the pandemic globally,” said Ian Fraser, the Principal of iQualify UK, about this collaborative project, “We at iQualify UK are proud to contribute our knowledge and expertise with NAHE in Pakistan for the training and development of the Pakistani academia through innovative pedagogical methods of online and blended learning, paving way to future collaboration among British and Pakistani informational exchange and professional resource development.”

The Head of Studies at iQualify UK, Sumbal Manzoor added, “It is encouraging to see all of the dynamic work NAHE is doing for the capacity building of higher education professionals. It has been a generative opportunity for iQualify UK to collaborate with the NAHE team to develop and instruct this course, helping the Pakistani HEI community adapt to this unprecedented and accelerated move to teaching in an online environment.”

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