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Qualification Overview

Becoming a Chartered Manager is a prestigious accolade as well as an independent endorsement of a manager’s ability to manage and lead, and to make a positive impact upon organisational performance. iQualify UK, an approved centre of Chartered Management Institute (CMI), can help you get accredited globally for your management and leadership skills. Recognised by the Royal Charter, Chartered Manager is the highest status that can be achieved in the management profession. Awarded only by CMI, it’s recognised and valued across all sectors.

How can you benefit by becoming a Chartered Manager?

CMI surveyed 550 Chartered Managers in September 2019, to explore the outcomes of becoming Chartered. 

Impact of becoming a Chartered Manager on Organisations

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How can you become a Chartered Manager?

You can be awarded the revered Chartered Manager status by CMI through iQualify UK by the following routes:

Qualified route

The qualified route is for experienced managers and/or skilled professionals who already hold a recognised Level 5 and/or above Degree qualifications in the related field. A Minimum of 3 years experience would be required at senior level.


3 easy steps to become Chartered Manager Cmgr

Register with iQualify UK to obtain evaluation form to start the process.

Submit the written submission to evidence your professional development as a manager.

Attend an interview with the CMI assessor.

Get the Chartered Manager award through CMI.

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About the Chartered Management Institute

Chartered Manager Status sets you apart from other professionals with a status that is reputable and respected. It is the most influential status for any professional manager.

The Institute has played a prominent role as the professional body for management for over 65 years, firstly as the British Institute of Management and then as the Institute of Management. The Royal Charter was granted by the Privy Council on 12 February 2002.

CMI mandate is to create better led and managed organisations – that’s why over 100,000 managers and 450 employers use CMI services and Awards to improve their performance.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Chartered Manager (CMgr) award?

Chartered Manager is the most prestigious status that can be achieved in the managerial profession. Awarded only by CMI, it is recognised around the world throughout the public and private sectors and across all management disciplines.

What are the benefits of CMgr?
    1. For a professional engineer, the CMgr award can provide clear evidence that they possess management and leadership skills to support their technical engineering competency.

    The CMgr award:

    • Enhances your employability
    • Provides a professional status
    • Demonstrates your managerial competence
    • Increases your confidence and proves you possess transferable managerial skills

    The CMI report, Mapping Management Excellence: evaluating the impact of Chartered Manager (2015) surveyed over 500 Chartered Managers and examined how Chartered Manager status had benefited them as individuals and in terms of the impact on their employers.

    Chartered Managers reporting that becoming Chartered had made them significantly better managers and more confident leaders who could provide evidence of having consistently achieved results.

    Other key findings from the report revealing that:

    • 92% noted greater self-awareness as a result of CMgr
    • 96% use CMgr as proof of their ability to lead people and manage change
    • 96% use CMgr to show continual growth and development
    • CMgrs are worth an extra £391,443 in value to their employer

    For the full text of the report, see .

How long does it take to become a CMgr?

The length of the process will vary for each individual but in principle you should be able to successfully complete the process within 6 weeks. However, applicants have up to 12 months from initial registration in which to complete their application.

What does the CMgr application process involve?

Students must follow 3 Easy steps to become Chartered Manager CMgr. 

  1. Register with iQualify UK to obtain evaluation form to start the process.
  2. Submit the written submission to evidence your professional development as a manager.
  3. Attend an interview with the CMI assessor.
More information about the Cost?
There are two dimensions to the costs:
  1. Qualified route – via written submission or professional discussion. Please note that VAT is payable on assessment fees.
  2. Grade applied for – Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow. Membership fees are exempt from VAT. The costs are as outlined below:
Chartered Member Chartered Fellow
Via Written Submission Assessment fee £400.00 Assessment fee £400.00
discounted membership fee £99.00 discounted membership fee £129.00
Total £499.00 Total £519.00
Via Professional discussion Assessment fee £700.00 Assessment fee £700.00
discounted membership fee £99.00 discounted membership fee £129.00
Total £799.00 Total £829.00
Is CMgr available outside of the UK?

Yes. CMgr is available to applicants from anywhere in the world, although all payments must be made in GBP.

What payment methods can I use for my CMgr application?

Our online application process supports credit and debit card payments. You can use a personal or business card for your payment.

What are the CPD requirements for CMgr?

All CMgrs are required to maintain records of their CPD and to submit these to CMI if requested to do so. Each year we ask a number of CMgrs to do this so they can be nominated for Chartered Manager of the year award. 

CMI accepts CPD records in any electronic format as long as they can demonstrate a structured approach to CPD that includes:

      1. Reflection on development needs
      2. Planning of intended development activities
      3. The undertaking of relevant development activities
      4. Evaluation of the effectiveness of these activities in meeting development objectives
How do I become a Fellow of CMI?

The professionals would require at least 10 years management experience, of which at least 3 years have been at a strategic level, then you are eligible to become a Chartered Fellow of CMI. The application process will ask you to tell us how many years management experience you have and will then ask a number of questions to verify this. You will then be offered CMI Member or Fellow grade, depending on your responses, before you progress to be assessed for CMgr. So, you do not need to apply to become a Fellow; you will be offered this grade if you have the required level of experience.

I’m interested in getting CMgr status for a number of members within my organisation. Is this possible?

 Yes. Our online application process only supports single applications but please call or email to discuss how CMgr can benefit your organisation.

Why is iQualify UK partnering with CMI to offer CMgr to its members?

Management and leadership are key responsibilities for most professionals and there is a clear need for them to commit a significant proportion of their professional development towards management and interpersonal skills in order to build and maintain the competence they need to become and remain well- rounded professionals.

iQualify UK has recognised the need to provide practical support to its learners to support their continuing professional development in respect of management and leadership development and has partnered with CMI in order to do so.

What letters can I use after my name if I become a Chartered Manager?

Chartered Members can use the post-nominals CMgr MCMI. Chartered Fellows can use the post-nominals