Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours a day will I need to study and how long will it take to complete the course?

The amount of time needed does vary from student to student and from course to course, but your personal tutor will assist you with all your study needs. The guided learning hours which are the total hours you should take to study (including general reading and revision as well as direct study) are shown on the relevant course information page.

I haven't studied for a long time - will I be able to manage?

The course materials have been designed to help you improve your study skills as well as your knowledge. You are not expected to be an expert in your chosen field of study, but you are expected to apply yourself to your reading, note taking and assignments. The most important requirements are motivation and commitment as well as a willingness to learn new skills. The student support team and your personal tutor will also help you.

Do I need to have internet access?

Yes, you need to have internet access to be able to use the online Teaching Zone which contains all the course content.

Will I need to visit the iQualify UK campus in UK?

No, all the information you need for your studies is provided online through the Teaching Zone.

Will my qualification certificate have 'online' or 'distance learning' on it?

No, if you are studying for an accredited qualification then the certificate you receive when you successfully complete your studies is exactly the same whichever way you study.

What are the course fees?

The price for all qualifications and courses are shown on the individual course pages on the website.

Do you offer extended payment?

Yes, we offer payment by instalment on most courses. Please see the individual course pages for more information.

Who is my personal tutor and how do I contact them?

You are allocated a personal tutor along with your access to the Teaching Zone when you register for your course or qualification. Your tutor then contacts you with details about how (email, phone and or Skype) and when you can get in touch with them. Your personal tutor is a subject expert and is there to help you with any questions you have about the content of your course or qualification.

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