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Qualification Overview

The International Foundation Diploma Level 3 is a one-year programme designed to prepare international students for undergraduate study at UK universities. The programme is specifically designed for students who have completed secondary education in a non-UK education system and need to improve their academic skills and English language proficiency.

Throughout the programme, students will study a range of core modules that will develop their academic skills, including critical thinking, research, and independent study. They will also take modules in their chosen subject area, which may include Business, Engineering, Law, Science, or Humanities. In addition to academic modules, students will also receive intensive English language tuition to help them improve their language proficiency. The language tuition will focus on developing the students’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, as well as their academic language and vocabulary.

The programme is assessed through a combination of coursework, exams, and presentations. Students will also receive regular feedback and support from their tutors to help them improve their academic performance.

Successful completion of the International Foundation Programme Level 3 will provide students with the necessary academic and English language skills to progress onto a wide range of undergraduate degree programmes at UK universities.

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Qualification objectives

The objectives of the International Foundation Diploma Level 3 are as follows:

Entry Requirements

Candidates should have:

Candidates should also have a speaking, listening, reading and writing ability which is commensurate to CEFR
Level B1 (or equivalent). This is to ensure they meet the communication requirements for this qualification.

Course Module

Foundation Mathematics (20 credits)

The overall aim of this unit is to enable learners to apply maths to analyse situations, giving them the confidence they need to tackle problems in their adult lives. Learners will also develop a more advanced understanding of statistics to ensure they become familiar with, and are confident in using standard procedures for the range of calculations appropriate to this level of study. 

Foundation Computing (20 credits)

The unit’s objectives encompass enhancing learners’ proficiency in standard IT hardware and software operations, emphasising safe and correct equipment handling. Additionally, it aims to broaden their awareness of various software applications, fostering effectiveness in utilising these applications for task completion. The unit seeks to instil document and data management skills across diverse applications and emphasises accurate data entry. Furthermore, it aims to equip learners with skills and knowledge directly applicable to employment situations, fostering progression by preparing them for further study. 

Study Skills (20 credits)

This unit is designed to prepare and support learners to study effectively. While the general themes introduced will be transferable, learners will be encouraged to focus the application of these skills to their course subject area. Learners will be given the appropriate opportunities to advance their personal and academic study skills and to introduce them to the concept and value of researching in order to prepare them for study at a higher level. 

Foundation Business and Management (20 credits)

This unit has been designed to give students an overview of some of the key issues in relation to business and management. It aims to give students a greater understanding of some of the principal functions of business and an awareness of the impact of the environment in which business operates. It will also allow students to learn about what happens in the key functions and how they interact with each other in order to meet organisations’ vision, mission and values. 

Foundation Economics (20 credits)

This unit introduces students to the basic principles of economics, starting with the concepts of demand and supply and their influence on the prices of goods and firm behaviour. It then extends to encompass broader topics such as the impacts of economic growth, interest rates, and international trade on the national economy. This unit serves as a foundational introduction to economics, preparing students for further studies at a pre-U level. 

Foundation Accounting (20 credits)

The introductory unit covers both financial and management accounting, demonstrating various basic accounting concepts and procedures utilised in the preparation of financial statements. It establishes an academic foundation for areas such as banking, international finance, and accounting. This unit serves as the foundation for advanced accounting studies at a higher level. 

Foundation Law (20 credits)

The aims of this unit are to provide the learner with an understanding and overview of the role and function of a legal system, by considering why laws develop, how laws are created, interpreted and applied and the role that law plays in regulating and administering justice within a society. The key aspects of law are covered, including the mechanisms created for the administration and enforcement of justice in these jurisdictions. 

Psychology (20 credits)

The introductory unit offers valuable insights into the functions and behaviours of the human mind, introducing candidates to key theories and concepts within various central approaches of psychology, such as social psychology, cognition, and individual differences. This foundation enables candidates to advance to higher-level studies. The specific objectives of the unit include developing learners’ critical thinking skills, imparting a comprehensive understanding of diverse methods and approaches in psychology, and nurturing the ability to interpret, evaluate, and provide commentary. 

Government and Politics (20 credits)

This unit’s primary objective is to acquaint students with the study of Government by providing an overview of the political system, delving into its theoretical and practical functioning. Learners will examine the contemporary processes of government and politics within the United Kingdom while evaluating arguments concerning the effectiveness of the democratic process. Serving as a foundational course, this unit equips students with the essential knowledge and skills in Government and Politics, paving the way for advanced studies at a higher level. 

Further Mathematics (20 credits)

This unit introduces key topics in the theory of pure mathematics, encompassing areas such as number theory, the algebraic theory of rings and fields, and metric spaces. It serves as a foundational step towards more advanced studies at higher levels, necessitating a deeper comprehension of the subject matter. 

Assessment and verification

All units within this qualification are internally assessed via submission of assignments and externally verified by the awarding body.


Why should you choose International Foundation Year?

Transform your career
Get the necessary knowledge and skills to transform your career.

Get into a UK or an International University
Build a foundation for an entry to a UK or an International University.

Upgrade your skills
Add value to your current educational profile by achieving more skills and knowledge.

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Exclusive Progression Opportunity

International Student

International Foundation Year - Level 3 Diploma in Pre U Foundation

Direct Entry into Undergraduate Programme

The International Foundation Diploma Level 3 has direct progression arrangements in many top universities in the UK and internationally, such as:

Helping you get the required UCAS points for your university admission:

Level 3 Diploma in Pre U Foundation Studies is a recognised qualification as per UCAS tariff, which provides a broad metric for qualifications at Level 3 to support university and college management information needs.

For Level 3 Diploma in Pre U Foundation, you can get following points as per the UCAS tariff as per your grade:

Grade Points
Distinction (D) 144
Merit (M) 96
Pass (P) 48

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