Access and Participation

iQualify UK is dedicated to ensuring that higher education is accessible to all. Our admission process is transparent, reliable, and inclusive, following principles of fairness at every step. We are committed to assisting students in their chosen courses, offering the necessary support to make higher education a pathway to employment, personal growth, and future educational prospects.

This access and participation statement has been developed and implemented after careful analysis and consideration of a wide array of student data sources including Teaching Effectiveness Framework (TEF), Higher Education Skills Agency (HESA) indicators, Student Loan Company (SLC) data on number of students receiving maximum grant, NSS and other student surveys and data gathered from the application forms and student interviews.

We highly value student participation to enrich the study experience. We actively promote inclusivity and accessibility. We gather insights from the Student Union, National Student Survey (NSS), other student surveys, and feedback channels like Programme Committees, Student Support, Pastoral Care, Disability Services, and personal tutors to shape our access and participation strategies.


    • Transparent Admissions: iQualify UK maintains a clear and transparent admissions process, prioritising individual student needs and circumstances.
    • Diverse Pathways: We offer a range of study pathways, ensuring that higher education is accessible to a wide spectrum of students from diverse backgrounds.
    • Clear Entry Requirements: Each course’s entry requirements are explicitly stated, and every applicant is assessed on an individual basis.
    • Beyond Academic Measures: We recognise that potential for a particular course can extend beyond specific academic measures. Factors such as prior study in different disciplines or relevant work and life experiences are taken into account.
    • Flexibility in Progress: When suitable, students can begin their studies at Certificate or Diploma level and progress to a full Bachelor’s course after a progress assessment.
    • Personalised Consideration: Every applicant’s unique needs and circumstances are considered. During interviews, applicants have the opportunity to discuss questions related to studying, finances, and family support.
    • Accessible Open Days: All applicants are invited to attend our Open Days, where they can interact with students and staff, gaining valuable insights into the college experience. Open Days are conveniently offered at various times and locations.
    • Access Courses: We offer access courses that act as entry points to higher education, providing high-quality teaching with the potential to lead to higher education. These courses serve as a bridge for those from disadvantaged backgrounds and underrepresented groups.
    • Academic Engagement: Our academic staff actively participate in external events to encourage individuals considering higher education at iQualify UK.
    • Public Events: iQualify UK hosts regular public events at the higher education level, offering insights and opportunities for prospective students to experience our college’s teaching environment.
    • Mature Student Interviews: Mature students are interviewed to assess their prior experiences for course access and potential study credits for the continuation of their studies.


It is a priority for iQualify UK to ensure that students from disadvantaged backgrounds and underrepresented groups can not only access but also thrive in higher education.

    • Inclusivity and Academic Support: At iQualify UK, we prioritise ensuring that students from disadvantaged backgrounds and underrepresented groups not only gain access to higher education but also thrive. We kick-start their academic journey with a comprehensive academic orientation and provide ongoing opportunities to enhance their academic skills through dedicated sessions and assignment clinics.
    • Holistic Academic Development: Our commitment to academic development extends to all students. We offer a robust academic development programme featuring workshops and personalised advice. To further support this initiative, iQualify UK has appointed an Academic Manager for Academic Development and a Student Development Officer. Academic development is about fostering support, encouragement, and skill development for every student.
    • Accessible Learning: iQualify UK is firmly committed to making reasonable adjustments to facilitate full participation in the learning experience for all students.
    • Support for Specific Learning Needs: We welcome students with specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, or ADHD, and have implemented a policy to promptly identify and address their needs, including early assessment at the application stage. iQualify UK also assists students in completing funding applications where applicable.
    • Monitoring Progress and Achievement: The retention and achievement of our learners is closely monitored through student assessment boards and other rigorous processes to ensure their success.