access and participation

IQualify UK is committed to widening access and participation across all our higher education academic programmes. Recruitment, selection and admission policies and procedures are transparent, reliable, and inclusive, adhering to principles of fair admission at each stage of the process. We are committed to helping students to succeed in their chosen course of study, providing appropriate support, to ensure higher education acts as a gateway to employment, personal development, and further opportunities for study.

This Statement is made in line with the Office for Students Regulatory Framework 2018.

This access and participation statement has been developed and implemented after careful analysis and consideration of a wide array of student data sources including TEF, HESA indicators, SLC data on number of students, receiving maximum grant, NSS and other student surveys and data gathered from the application forms and student interview.

We value student input on widening access and participation. We use suggestions and reports from the Student Union, and outcomes of NSS and other student surveys, as well as student feedback through the Programme Committees, Student Support, Pastoral Care, Disability Services, and personal tutors, to inform our strategies for access and participation.


  • IQualify UK operates a transparent admissions process, with an emphasis on individual student needs and circumstances. We offer a number of pathways of study, increasing the opportunity for those seeking to participate in Higher Education and attract students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Entry requirements for each course are clearly stated, and every applicant is considered on an individual basis.
  • For each applicant it is ascertained whether potential for a particular course might be demonstrated in ways beyond specific academic measure, which can include prior study in a different discipline, work or life experience. Where appropriate a student can enter studies at Certificate or Diploma level and transition to a full Bachelor course following assessment of progress.
  • Every applicant is considered based on their individual needs and circumstances. At interview each applicant is given opportunity to discuss any questions they have about studying, finances, and family support.
  • Every applicant has the opportunity to attend an Open Day at the college where they meet with students and staff and gain insight into the shape of the college experience. Open Days are offered at various times and locations maximising accessibility for those considering the college.
  • We offer access courses that act as an entry point to higher education. These courses enable a student to enjoy high quality teaching that has the proven potential to lead towards higher education. These courses act as an access point for those from disadvantaged backgrounds and under-represented groups. Many students’ first contact with iQualify UK is through interest in these access courses, and through encouragement, commitment and aptitude many continue into formal higher education studies.
  • Academic staff regularly speak at external events encouraging those who are considering studying at higher education level at iQualify UK.
  • IQualify UK offers regular public events open to all at higher education level. These events offer insight and a chance for prospective students to experience the College teaching environment.
  • Mature students are accommodated based on experiential learning exemptions based on an extensive academic interview.


It is a priority for iQualify UK to ensure that students from disadvantaged backgrounds and underrepresented groups can not only access but also succeed in higher education.

  • At the point of commencement of study each student is invited to an induction day and sessions are provided to help integrate them into full participation of the college life. Every student is allocated a Formation Group tutor, who will journey with them for the duration of their studies to assist in participation and provide support.
  • An academic development programme for all students is offered with workshops and advice.
  • IQualify UK has appointed an Academic Manager for Academic Development, as well as a Student Development Officer. Academic Development is about providing support and encouragement as well as enabling students to develop the necessary skills to get the most out of their studies. Academic development is for everyone.
  • At the start of the studies a detailed academic orientation is arranged and during the course they have opportunities to attend sessions on academic skill and assignment clinics.
  • IQualify UK is committed to making reasonable adjustments enabling students to participate fully in the learning experience.
  • IQualify UK attracts students who have specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, or ADHD, and has a policy in place to ensure student needs are identified early (including questions at the application stage) with the necessary support in place as soon as possible. iQualify UK provides support in helping students complete their funding applications where applicable.
  • IQualify UK has a commitment to student pastoral support. This serves all students irrespective of background. This includes chaplaincy and counselling.
  • The retention and achievement of learners is monitored through student assessment board or other processes.