Exams and Assignments

Exams and Assignments

To achieve your ambition and gain the result you want, you will need to go through some form of assessment. These are usually exams and assignments.


For the majority of courses, you’ll need to complete a number of assignments as part of your coursework and forward these to your online tutor. Unless stated otherwise, you will have to submit completed coursework online through the Teaching Zone.

Assignments are a great way of checking your progress throughout your course, as your tutor will grade and comment on each one, letting you know exactly how you’re doing at every step so you can improve as you go.

As always, your dedicated tutor will provide guidance and ensure your preparedness before you embark on completing an assignment. Depending on the specific course you have selected, you will be tasked with crafting a final assignment at the conclusion of each module. These final assignments undergo a meticulous internal screening process to ensure their quality and alignment with the course objectives before being submitted to the respective awarding bodies for moderation.


Each course page will provide a clear breakdown of the assessment structure and any associated additional fees, ensuring you are well-informed about the requirements and costs involved in completing your qualification. After you enrol, if there are applicable fees, you will receive comprehensive information on where these fees need to be remitted and the due dates for payment.

While some courses may require one or more exams to achieve your qualification, it’s important to note that continuous assessment methods are also utilised in many courses. In cases where examinations are necessary, we may coordinate with the Awarding Organisation to facilitate the examination process on your behalf. However, it’s worth mentioning that depending on your chosen course, you may be responsible for both the associated fees and making the examination arrangements directly. Rest assured, if this applies to your situation, we will provide you with all the necessary guidance and information to ensure a smooth process for scheduling your exams.