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About The Course

Aims & Objectives:

  • To sustain and develop the practical working needs of staff within an inclusive and varied student-focused learning and teaching environment. 
  • To enable candidates to develop their classroom practice, including e-learning, within a framework of current andragogical theory.
  • To provide an opportunity to develop skills in curriculum design and revision, teaching and assessment methodologies and educational research. 
  • To allow candidates, who hold enough teaching/lecturing experience, to demonstrate their ability across a range of advanced pedagogical learning approaches.

iQualify UK is now a recognised member of Advance Higher Education (Advance HE), the UK's national body for learning and teaching in higher education.
Now, access to international teaching opportunities has been made easier for our PG Cert in Education students.

iQualify UK is now a recognised member of Advance Higher Education (Advance HE), the UK's national body for learning and teaching in higher education.
Now, access to international teaching opportunities has been made easier for our PG Cert in Education students.

Entry requirements

Whilst LRN will be open to the type of educational institution in which candidates operate, it will be mindful of the scope of the teaching role, access to teaching/learning opportunities and ability to meet the cognitive demand of learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

Candidates must be:

1) Operating within a suitable teaching setting

2) Must be qualified to graduate level, ideally education-related discipline, although LRN will consider education experience in its stead as well.

Who is it for?

A student who is looking to continue developing for early-career academic and professional staff at Higher Education Institution

An experienced member of the staff who wishes to update their practice and align themselves with contemporary thinking.

Do you know?

with PG certification in education course, you will:


Engage with successful digital and online learning and develop your skills in this area through direct hands-on experience.


Enhance your skills and understanding in teaching, learning and assessment as a teacher.


Enable yourself to understand and resolve the challenges in teaching and assessment in the modern era of learning and development.

Teaching practice:

For the duration of the qualification, candidates are expected to have access to a teaching environment, from which evidence can be gleaned. This will include a teaching log that documents their preparation, planning, delivery and evaluation of teaching exercises. Expected teaching hours will be in the region of 40 to 60. This will be considered on a case-by-case basis. However, candidates who are unable to meet the minimum threshold (40 hours of teaching practice) are unlikely to be deemed suitable for this qualification.

Awarding body

Learning Resource Network (LRN)

Course duration

6 months

Guided learning hours

600 hours

Course Outline


The purpose is to enable learners to demonstrate an understanding within inclusive and varied teaching and learning environments. Learners will apply their knowledge and understanding in effectively evaluating and reflecting on future practice.

Learning Outcomes:

1) Understand the historical, philosophical and cultural context of education

  • Examine the history and purpose of education.
  • Analyse the aim and values of education.
  • Evaluate the culture, social and economic values of education.
  • Analyse the concept of educational philosophy in relation to curriculum development.


2) Understand key concepts, values and beliefs related to education and educational practice

  • Assess the benefits of applying sound education theory in professional practice.
  • Analyse critical educational concepts and values across educational settings.
  • Distinguish between education and educational practice.


3) Understand key theories of education and learning and how these are realised in practical pedagogy

  • Evaluate higher education theory and the impact on learning and development.
  • Justify the inclusion of education theory in educational settings.
  • Analyse reasons for implementing change and effective teaching pedagogy.
  • Assess andragogical theory and its impact on learning and development.


The purpose is to enable learners to demonstrate an understanding of learning theories and practical teaching pedagogy. Learners will develop a range of resources, based on learner needs, to support teaching and development across educational settings.

Learning Outcomes:

1) Understand how educational theory aligns with teaching delivery

  • Assess the linkages between educational theory and teaching delivery.
  • Analyse the benefits of inclusive learning in relation to effective curriculum design.
  • Recommend ways in which educational theory can be embedded in classroom pedagogy.
  • Evaluate how learner needs influence curriculum design, teaching and delivery styles.

2) Understand the relationship between teaching, learning and assessment

  • Analyse the benefits of effective planning in teaching and learning.
  • Evaluate the interdependencies between teaching, learning, achievement and attainment.
  • Assess a range of factors that influence learner achievement. 

3) Be able to demonstrate a practical application of effective teaching delivery.

  • Evaluate own teaching style and delivery approach in order to formulate an effective teaching plan.
  • Analyse own practice in order to enhance teaching and learning delivery.
  • Adapt your own teaching approach based on a realisation of continuing professional development.


The purpose is to enable learners to demonstrate an understanding of the core issues, strategies and techniques in teaching in higher and professional education. Learners will explore the purpose, meaning and inter-relationships between teaching pedagogy and andragogy, relevant to their educational setting. Finally, learners will know how to vary their teaching styles in order to enable learning, advancement and understanding.

Learning Outcomes:

1) Understand the purpose of teaching pedagogy and teaching andragogy.

  • Differentiate between teaching pedagogy and teaching andragogy.
  • Analyse the importance of enhancing pedagogy and andragogy into teaching practice.
  • Evaluate the development of a learning system that incorporates appropriate methodologies.


2) Understand current educational theories of teaching and learning

  • Analyse the relationship between educational leadership and improvement in teaching and learning.
  • Evaluate teaching strategies in order to promote leadership development in educational settings.
  • Assess the purpose of adopting a reflexive and effective approach to current teaching practice.


3) Be able to demonstrate a practical application of contemporary teaching in higher and professional education.

  • Evaluate own approach to teaching methodology, learning and assessment.
  • Synthesise a range of educational theory into own contemporary teaching style and approach.
  • Adapt own teaching in order to enhance effective planning, design and instruction.
  • Apply an informed approach in reflecting own style and structure in teaching practice.


The assessment for this qualification consists of externally set and externally marked assignments, which are set and marked by LRN, and an externally set portfolio on which requirements are set by LRN, reviewed by centre staff, and which is externally moderated by LRN. LRN will provide advice and guidance as to how centres may wish to approach the internal review process.


The LRN Level 7 Postgraduate Certificate in Education will be graded as fail or pass.

Mode of Delivery:

  • In-Centre
  • Online
  • Combination

Where will PG Cert lead you?

As an Ofqual registered qualification, it will accelerate your career as an academic teacher. 

What’s in it for you?

PG CERT in Education prepares you for working as a teacher and/or facilitator in higher or further education.

It aims to benefit teachers with an interest in developing their own practice as well as supporting their colleagues to do the same.

A route to practice in higher or professional education environments with a valid and recognised qualification in the field.

Career Progression

Michelle Depuis

PG Cert Qualified Teacher

“The Postgraduate Certificate in education has had a huge impact on me as a teacher. It has provided me with the contemporary skillset for teaching in a modern classroom and they put me to develop my competencies in delivering both engaging and fully interrupted sessions, both face-to-face as well as within a remote learning environment. It has enabled me to develop my teaching practice to ensure my sessions were informative to engage learners and promote active contribution from my students.”

Our Faculty

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Head of Studies iQualify UK

Dr Paul Dudley

Academic Dean iQualify UK

Dr. Abdul Rahman Shahid

Senior Lecturer at iQualify UK

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