MSc in Business Administration Specializing in Management & Innovation

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iQualify UK


18 months



Type of Study

Full - Time



Qualification Overview

Strategic management serves as the backbone of successful businesses and holds a pivotal role in the program. In today’s dynamic business landscape, adeptness in strategic management empowers organizations to adapt, innovate, and thrive. While this program emphasizes nurturing innovation within organizations, it’s complemented by a robust foundation in strategic management. This approach equips you not only with the agility to excel in fast-paced markets but also with the capability to strategically position yourself and your company for sustainable growth and success.

Understanding strategic management directly impacts an organization’s profitability. Companies excelling in strategic practices often see a 12% increase in profitability compared to those neglecting it.

Furthermore, a deep understanding of innovation management is equally vital. It opens doors to a vast $1.8 trillion global investment in research and development, allowing you to seize growth opportunities and stay ahead in industry advancements.

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This MBA doesn’t just stop at strategic and innovation management. It also prepares you to navigate global challenges, implement effective market entry strategies, grasp legal intricacies, forecast international marketing impacts, and contribute decisively to global organizational success through informed decision-making.

You Will Learn To:
  • Assess complex market and customer needs, define project tasks, and develop innovative, socially relevant solutions, often in collaborative teams.
  • Create and test innovative solutions, refine them based on analysis, before presenting the final design.
  • Learn how businesses start, explore different business models (including digital ones), and discuss ways to fund new ventures.
  • Build business plans and models, gain wisdom from successful innovators, and analyze strategic management techniques.
  • Craft sales strategies in line with business and marketing, master Key Account Management and Customer Relationship Management, and improve negotiation skills through effective communication and psychology.

Your Curriculum

The S-Next MBA ECTS 90 provides you with a strong understanding of all things business-related. This crash course will get you up to speed with recent changes in the business sector, and you will also dive deep into topics that sincerely interest you through your Management & Innovation specialization.

Your Foundation Modules - General and Innovative
  • Strategy
  • Markets and Marketing
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Organizational Design and IT Systems
  • Finance and Investments
  • Accounting and Controlling
  • Operations Management
  • Sustainable Leadership and Management
Your Specialization Modules - Management & Innovation
  • Innovation Project
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Management II
  • Innovation Management
  • Sales Management and Negotiations
  • International & Intercultural Management

Your Career Prospects

Product Manager


Market Research

Global Business

Consultant - Business

Strategic Marketing

Cost of Study

The total cost of study covers access to the INSIDER Online Learning Tool, teaching materials available via the e-learning platform, access to online libraries, and professional coaching during your studies.

Fee Breakdown
  • Tuition Fee: €3,375 (Payable to University)
  • Enrollment Fee: €499 (Payable to iQualifyUK)
  • Total Cost: €3,874


  • Minimum 3 years of bachelor’s degree
  • 2 years full time experience after graduation / 2 years bachelor’s degree with 7 years full-time experience after graduation with an entry test /  Intermediate with 10 years of full-time experience after graduation with an entry test
  • With an overall C grade. 
  • IELTS: 6.5 OR Duolingo: 110

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